Friday, April 6, 2012

Video $25 and $30 DIY DSLR Camera Cranes / Jib !

Over at Oliviatech they've created an awesome video/dslr video crane or "jib", and it only costs $25! With the $25 mini camera crane you can create some great shots when shooting video or even get a different viewpoint when shooting stills.  Overall the crane is just some aluminum square tubing, some 90 degree angle pieces,  a quick release mount, and some other bits of hardware.  Check out the video below!
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Now if you're looking for something a little more robust, larger and just $5 more and just as portable(the original version) for an even more "awesomely epic" dslr crane / jib.  You'll want to head over to the Frugal Film Makers Channel /site and check out the Frugal Camera Jib and the upgraded 2.0 version! Check out the videos below!  I'm subscribed, and you should to, to both the Frugral Film Makers youtube channel as well as his blog.  Now get out there and take some pictures and video!

The Original

Version 2.0

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