Tuesday, May 28, 2013

So What is it Like At Maker Faire? (2013 Edition)

Here are some of the few snapshots from Maker Faire 2013, In another post I'll include the video I captured.  Click on any to enjoy the full size!

Before you get there you have to watch out for these yahoo's. As well as other traps.
  Two of San Mateo's "Finest". They wait for their co-worker directing traffic,
to stop traffic when it gets heavy so people get stuck on those rail road tracks,
 which they will gladly site you for, at $500 a pop!

 There WILL be lines.

 But you can talk with some neat people, This is Pilar who was 
sitting next to some equipment and waiting for her friend.

 There are usually things on fire!

 Along with some cool vehicles!

 Of course some "unusual" vehicles too! 
(these lobster/fish sang many tunes)

 Oh Shit! A Dalek! 
(Is exactly what I said when i turned around and saw it!)

 These are underwater ROV's swimming.

 Some fancy lighting doodads in the "Dark Hall".

 Trees of a different sort.

 One gorgeous chick! ;)
(no she didn't make me write that!)

 The colors!

 There is of course the Giraffe! His name is Russell.

 Here is the Battlefront Boys from Shawn Thorsson.
As well as Shawn's Warhammer and Halo Armor. 

Yes there are robots at Maker Faire! 

 Also LEGOS!

 Possibly an interplanet Janet?

 Things to which it would be awesome to climb,
 but yet you aren't allowed too, that is, unless you're
bad parents.

 Wildlife! (well wild to us city folk! ;) )

 Mini cupcake and muffin vehicles!

Don't mind the "human" filling.

 Oh NO! The mini-cakes are a LIE!

 Some cool dudes with cool gitars, this here is

 Shovel Man was playing on the pedal power stage!
(you need people to pedal to power everything here!)

 Here is a Panorama of the back lot.
(Yes those are indeed what you think they are!)

Here is a Panorama of the Expo Hall.

Here is a Panorama of the Main Food Area.

(Don't forget you can click on any of these for the full size pic.)

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!
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